Use any of these to contact me:




s@m.havron.xyz (domain hack)

Shouldn’t I be obfuscating my above addresses in some fashion?

My addresses are easily harvested; for now, I allow this because I want to build a better understanding of the detriments of obfuscation strategies to user-friendliness (including JS environment assumptions) before committing to deploying one. The ultimate necessity of obfuscation is also unclear to me.

Most harvesters use sophisticated regex (and in the case of addresses embedded in images, OCR) techniques to reconstruct e-mail addresses. More deep-pocketed adversaries might simply hire humans on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk as harvesters, which breaks virtually all obfuscation strategies!

More Optimal Obfuscation Strategies

For anyone interested in playing the e-mail obfuscation game, there’s a myriad of strategies that often trade user-friendliness for stronger obfuscation guarantees (e.g. e-mail addresses hidden behind Google CAPTCHAs seem pretty robust, but are a burden on legitimate users).

Short of only inviting people to contact me, I have not come up with a reliable and user-friendly obfuscation strategy to protect myself from the inevitable crowd-source-powered (human) harvesters. My strategy would likely entail a written description of how to construct my address, described in a way that is sufficiently difficult for state-of-the-art NLP techniques to solve, and such that there is a way for the construction to distinguish between legitimate users and human harvesters.

Have a great strategy in mind? Let’s chat!