It takes an entire department to raise a student. I’m eternally grateful to my mentors, formal and informal, who have given me immeasurable help and able guidance in my research and in my general life. I would not be where I am today without these wonderful people.

Professor Tom Ristenpart and Professor Nicki Dell advise me as a grad student (currently informally). Professor Dave Evans advised me as an undergrad (formally).


My research interests include topics in computer security & privacy, programming languages, applied cryptography, machine learning, and interdisciplinary efforts among these areas. Recently, this has included building systems that preserve the privacy and safety of end-users while also increasing transparency and responsibility of providers – including in automated decision-making systems and relevant machine learning models. I am especially interested in research opportunities that result in direct positive impact on marginalized communities, such as victims of intimate partner violence.

Some topics I’ve explored in depth include those listed in Cornell CS 6431: Security & Privacy Technologies.


  • (Since Fall 2017) Improving privacy and safety technologies for victims of intimate partner violence through a number of related projects and external collaborations; I'm also exploring relevant internships and fellowships here.