One of the more compelling reasons to manage a personal domain rather than depending on /~academic/ webpages is the ability to easily create subdomains and link them to dynamic and static backend servers, RESTful lambda gateways, and so forth. All of my publicly-exposed subdomains are as follows; no need to run that hacky dig/nmap/superstarred script…

Subdomains currently maintained

Some subdomains I’d like to add in the future!

  •; home of my cat’s personal webpages. It’ll probably feature a slide-show of sorts.
  •; a RESTful, likely server-less gateway to integrate redundant dynamic services as needed across my other subdomains (e.g. authentication tokens).
  • {git,gitlab}; in case GitHub/BitBucket become “too social” for hosting repositories, a GitLab/git server is in order.
  •; this already exists as a subdirectory on my personal webpages, but it may need to move at some point. I’m mostly on Medium at this point.
  •; a place to submit and display silly quotes pertaining to my friends and family (with permission). Probably only accessible to them.
  •; potentially an appropriate place to host a dockerized auto-grader. Understandably though, most universities require grading resources to be hosted solely on domains under their jurisdiction.
  • <class>; a place to put materials for classes I might have the chance to teach. Probably just an alias for a static mirror on <class>
  • *.<project>; home for relevant projects, tools, and other public services to run (likely dynamic).
  • sandbox.<project>; an internal developer view of relevant projects, tools, and other public services to run in production.
  •; even I don’t know what happens when you visit this subdomain :-)